Drogasmil, Farmalife, Tamoio, and Rosário.
We are a broad and diversity-oriented network: after all, people have different needs and expectations, don’t they? For each consumer profile, a portfolio and service profile.

Drogasmil is recognized as one of the most traditional networks in Rio and Grande Rio, with over 50 stores and presence in the main malls in the city.
Born in São Gonçalo, the Drogarias Tamoio Network is a strong brand in Niterói, Região dos Lagos, Serrana, Norte, and Sul Fluminense. More than 70 stores with a dominant popular profile.
Farmalife is recognized as Rio’s premium profile network, a reference in Beauty and Dermocosmetics, with 08 stores in the South region, Tijuca, and Barra.
In addition to being our representative in the Midwest region, the Federal District, and Mato Grosso, Rosário also takes our commitment to Tocantins. There are over 70 stores.